St Mungo’s focus is on the safety and welfare of its clients, including people who are rough sleeping, in emergency or temporary housing and people rebuilding their lives after being homeless. Over 4,000 people sleep on the streets of England on any one night. Rough sleeping and homelessness has more than doubled over the last decade. It is harmful and dangerous and ruins lives. People experiencing homelessness are more likely than most to have an issue with their health; the average age of death is 45 for a man, and for a woman just 43, and poor health is at the root of this problem. Across over 300 sites, St Mungo’s supports around 30,000 vulnerable people a year, including almost 3,000 who stay inside a St Mungo’s service each night.

During this time of national emergency, St Mungo’s is assisting in the response to get everyone rough sleeping inside and self-isolating, coordinating with the government, the GLA, charities and companies across the country to help as many people as possible off the streets. This means accommodating thousands more than its usual accommodation capacity of 3,000 people per night. St Mungo’s services includes frontline work throughout the pandemic, opening hubs in hotels to protect and save the lives of some of the most vulnerable in our society and to ease the strain on the NHS. Outreach teams and emergency hub staff are working around the clock with partners to support vulnerable people sleeping rough to minimise infection and self-isolate. So far, St Mungo’s has helped over 700 people who were rough sleeping or in emergency hubs to safely self-isolate.

Your support will assist in getting rough sleepers inside and self-isolating, creating a safer environment for all.