Do Some Good - the real estate industry coming together to support the NHS

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UK Real Estate Industry COVID19 Outreach for Support

Do Some Good is a property industry initiative led by professionals across the sector. Our mission is to bring the industry together to help disadvantaged groups in our communities. More about the initiative here.

During the COVID19 pandemic, our efforts are focused on helping support the NHS and other at-risk groups with space for accommodation, parking, storage of goods, as well as with donations of PPE, supplies, food, and other services. If you would like to donate space, medical supplies or operational support you can do so on these pages. 

Given these unprecedented times, one area that is highly impacted is charity fundraising. Part of our outreach will be focused on supporting fundraising efforts for our long-time charity partners – Accumulate, Coram, KIDS, St. Mungo’s, as well as the NHS Charities Together. If you would like to learn more about these groups and donate to them, please head over to the Charities Fundraising page.

We are hopeful that we will come out of this crisis as a more united industry. Thank you to all of our partners and those who have supported our efforts to date. Please check the News & Updates page for the latest donations.